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5 Things To Do in Central Oregon This Fall

Summer faded quickly this year and we are well on our way to fall. We may get a few last nice days in before the crisp new season takes full effect, but it is definitely time to start transitioning from shorts, dresses and tank tops and pull out the sweaters, boots and hats.

As we approach the new, chilly season, we’re shifting into new hobbies and activities.

Here are a few ways to enjoy all that autumn has to offer.

1. Fall Fest

Since this annual festival is this weekend, we figured we should add it to the list. Bend’s Fall Festival is an amazing time to say “hello, autumn” and get your friends and family out for some pumpkin-appreciating fun. With the Harvest Market, Kids Harvest Run and streets of vendors, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy.

2. Photo Opportunities

When summer switches to fall, the same trails you’ve loved since June take on a new look and are ideal for a fall foliage hike. There are plenty of opportunities for landscape photo shoots! Head to the Old Mill District, Drake Park, the Deschutes River Tail, Shevlin Park and the Metolius for a great starting point.

3. Fall-Themed Beers

With the new season comes new tasty beverages that are the perfect flavor for the chillier weather. Hit up the Bend Ale Trail to get to all the best breweries and enjoy what they’re creating this season.

4. Bend Film Festival

The Bend Film Festival is an annual festival that takes place each year in October. And when you’re transitioning to more indoor activities, this is a great way to do it. This year, the festival features movies like Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm (feels fitting), Native Wisdom: The Peoples of Eastern Oregon and Vanilla, to name a few.

5. Get to Smith Rock

This may not seem like a “fall activity,” but Smith Rock often gets too hot during the summer to enjoy too much time out there. Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s a beautiful time to get back out there and enjoy the scenery before winter rolls through. And while you’re there, head to Smith Rock Ranch to check out this year’s corn maize.

What are your favorite fall activities?



6 Restaurants with a View in Central Oregon

So summer is finally here and in full swing. That means we want to soak up the remaining days we have with all the outdoor activities, brews and sunshine with friends.

Here are a few places to get to so you can make the most of what’s left of summer.

Bend Brewing

If you’re feeling more of a laid back vibe where you can lounge in an adirondack chair while the kiddos play cornhole (and also overlook the beautiful Deschutes River), this is your spot. Bend Brewing has gone through some pretty incredible updates over the last few years and it’s worth making it a summer go-to.


With their “Sundowner Hour” (also known as happy hour) coinciding with sunset, the views of the mountains from this spot are absolutely amazing. And with their giant lawn, food cart selection and activities, you can definitely hang there for longer than just the Sundowner.

Greg’s Grill

In the heart of the Old Mill District, Greg’s Grill offers breathtaking views paired with equally delicious bits. Right on the river, you can post up and people watch the river floaters rolling through and enjoy a couple cocktails and appetizers.

Cascada at Pronghorn

Cascada is fine dining, well, at its finest. Their ambiance will make it worth the trip and they have farm-to-table, carefully-crafted cuisine accompanied by panoramic views of the mountains, golf course and high desert. A sunset here with a glass of wine is a great way to spend a summer evening.

Range Restaurant at Brasada

The food at Range Restaurant and Bar is as extraordinary as the views. From the expansive windows, guests take in expansive views of the cascades while enjoying dishes inspired by local farmers and purveyors. Nightly sunsets are just the beginning of the show, better enjoyed roasting housemade s’mores over the outdoor firepit.

Solomon’s at Tetherow

More impeccable golf course views with mountains in the background. Solomon’s has a rotating menu that highlights offerings from the Pacific Northwest, such as pheasant, elk and seafood. They’re prepared alongside vegetarian options and decadent desserts. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What’s your favorite spot to get some great food and views at the same time?


Building a Better Central Oregon

Each year, the Central Oregon Association of Realtors embarks on Building a Better Central Oregon, which takes place during the summer and started last week. Each week, a group tours several locations throughout Bend that are doing cool and innovative work to make Central Oregon the best place to live (even more than it already is).

BBCO’s main purpose is to recognize worthy residents who have enhanced their community with outstanding new or renovated residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Projects are judged on economic impact, neighborhood improvement, unique design or use of materials.

At the end of the summer, locations are awarded with a variety of awards. Check it out to see who won what in 2018.

This year, Patty joined the group and we’ll be highlighting some of the amazing things happening around Bend.

First up, they toured the Bethlehem Inn, Northwest Storage, Trampoline Zone and On Tap. Here’s a few things that are going on at these incredible spots.

Bethlehem Inn

“After 20 years in existence, the Bethlehem Inn homeless shelter finally has their own home. The Inn doubled its family units from 5 to 10 in 2018 with Phase I, which included the administration and service hub along with a commercial kitchen and in 2019, the Singles Building will be complete which increases the capacity from 70 to 100 men and women. SunWest Builders and Ascent Architecture, along with a host of excellent subcontractors contributed to the success of the project, which serves a large population of homeless people in Central Oregon. The Inn works with over 70 agencies to assist in transitioning our under-served population to stable housing and health.”

Northwest Self Storage

“This building has had significant impact on the beautification and improvement of this neighborhood. It also has a unique design and enhances the area greatly. This company also has a program for their employees called the “Give Collective.” Northwest Self Storage foundation donates several $1,000 grants to their employees who apply on behalf of nonprofits that they are passionate about. Through that, they have given to Bethlehem Inn, Grandma’s House and Kid’s Center in Central Oregon, just to name a few. Which benefits our community even more.”

Trampoline Zone

“18th Street Sportsplex is a new 50,000 sq foot facility located on Bend’s east side near the 10 Barrel Brewery. This four story multi-sport facility is home to Trampoline Zone and Adventure Park, the Jumping Pickle Cafe and Pickleball Zone. Since opening the doors in November 2018, 18th Street Sportsplex has put a smile on over 30,000 visitors. The company is on a mission to create safe, wholesome, affordable family fun in our community.”

On Tap

“On Tap is a wonderful place to enjoy a beverage, tasty meal and do it with a view. It has 30 tap handles and six food trucks. They have a newly enclosed and covered patio with heaters, bar seating and TVs. The two large outdoor fire pits and lawn are great to sprawl out and let the kids and dogs play. On Tap filled a need in NE Bend for a fun family friendly place to hang out in the community. The owners remark that the community has been so appreciative and supportive since their opening.”

There’s more to come from Building a Better Central Oregon and we’re excited to see how things unfold!


A Holiday Checklist to Make Your Season Lighter, Brighter and Stress Free

We are down to the last few holidays of the year and 2019 is coming in hot and full of hope. In addition to the friends, family and incredible holiday parties and general feeling of giving and love in the air, our stress meter can also exceed its limit this time of year.

We want to make things a little easier for you and give you a checklist of all the things to do that might be swirling around in your head but haven’t yet made it onto the paper.

Feel free to print it out and make it apart of your holiday planning toolkit!

Holiday Checklist

Download Holiday Checklist

How do you prepare for the holidays in the final moments?


Patty Dempsey: Dedicated to the Environment

Patty Dempsey and Andrea Phelps both have unique personalities, which is what makes their team so fun to work with. Continuing on the track of highlighting some of the things that make them special, this week we’re going to talk about Patty and her dedication to reducing her impact on the environment.


Dempsey|Phelps Client Event at the Environmental Center

Patty’s drive to reduce, reuse and recycle has become deeply apart of her life over the last few years. It all started with her distaste for the landfill and expanded from there. She started noticing how many daily items get thrown away or how we don’t think about what happens to them once we put them in the trash. From here, she started investigating ways to reuse items and change the way she interacts with the environment.

“I am more cautious about what I buy and strive to recycle, re-use and re-purpose as much as possible.”

Patty reduces her waste by minimizing the use of clamshells as much as possible. Clamshells are those little plastic containers that hold your strawberries, to-go orders and electronics. They’re not recyclable through your regular recycling bin and it’s hard to find places that will actually take them. The best thing to do is to just not use them at all or to bring your own, reusable containers to the grocery store and use the bulk section or pick up your fruits and veggies from the Farmer’s Market.

Another way Patty makes an effort is by using Dropps Detergent, plant-based detergent that is shipped right to your door. It’s pretty amazing. They don’t use bottles like other detergents and they’re made from products that won’t damage the environment.

She also uses shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottles (they’re like soap bars, but for your hair!), glass reusable spray bottles for cleaning countertops, cloth instead of paper towels, reusable mesh bags for produce at the grocery store, reusable bags and cardboard boxes for groceries, local produce and meats, using cold water for laundry and hang drying whenever possible. She also recently had a high efficiency hot water heater and HVAC installed and a Nest device to control it. She uses her Hydro Flask as much as possible instead of plastic water bottles and reusable sandwich bags.

Recently, Patty has also added a few metal reusable straws to her purse so she doesn’t have to use the plastic ones at restaurants.

It’s hard to get into the habit of changing how we interact with our waste, but once we start thinking about it, it’s hard to stop. One thing that really helped Patty get more familiar with the options out there was Mighty Nest, a subscription box that sends you environmentally conscious alternatives

“I’m not perfect but it is a start.”

How do you reduce, reuse and recycle? We’d love to know!