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Stop Abbreviating 2020

It’s been suggested that you write out the full year rather than abbreviating it. 2020 is easily changeable and could be used against you, police say could leave you open to fraud. The concern is that scammers could easily manipulate a document dated “1/1/20” into “1/1/2000” or even “1/1/2021.” Just in case, take the time and write out the date in its entirety.

Read more about this in the article that USA TODAY published:

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Bend’s Environmental Center Helps Locals Understand Their Impact

Here at Dempsey | Phelps, we do regular events for our clients. We partner with different organizations across Central Oregon for entertainment, education and new experiences for those familiar with the area and those just getting to know it.

This week, we gathered at Bend’s Environmental Center for a little education on sustainability and being kinder to our ecosystem.

The Environmental Center has been around since 1988 and doing good work in the Central Oregon area. Their mission is to embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon. To us, that means driving local change that makes a world of difference. They run several programs to change and educate.

These programs include The Energy Challenge, the Rethink Waste Project, Youth Education and School Gardens. To learn more about the Environmental Center and ways to get involved, visit their website.

Here are a few photos from our Monday event. Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2018.