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Why We Love Living and Working in Bend

We sure do love where we live (and work). And I think we can all agree it’s one of the best places to explore, try new things and enjoy being outside.

Central Oregon has so much beauty to offer and we love it for so many reasons. Here are a few.

Because the Sun is Usually Shining

Boasting 158 of clear skies a year and 105 days that are mostly sunny, Bend is an incredibly happy place to be. It fuels us with the Vitamin D we need to be healthy.

Small Town Feel

Central Oregon offers amenities of some big cities, but has that small town vibe where you can see people you know shopping, out walking the river trail or at a restaurant.

River Trail Only 10 Minutes From Downtown

You can start at the Old Mill and follow the River Trail to feel like you’re out of town, but really you’re right in the middle of it. A real treat for a brisk one hour walk with your dog.

Dogs are Welcome Everywhere! 

Love to take our dogs to breakfast and sit outside, we always have people stopping by…mostly to talk to our dog, but sometimes they even talk to us too!

Diverse Restaurants

As we continue to grow, amazing restaurants continue to show up. We’re getting lots of healthy and vegetarian choices. There’s something for everyone.

Places to Sit Outside

Whether it’s wine or beer you’re after, there is somewhere to post up on a patio and enjoy the sunshine and a beverage with friends.

So Many Outdoor Activities

This one is a given, and one of the biggest reasons people move here, but there really is something for every one’s passion. Whether it’s water sports, trail running, skiing, biking, the list goes on and on.

High Level of Community Involvement

Bend is a very civic minded town and people love to get involved and support each other.

Generous Philanthropy

There are many many generous donors for many important causes and people show up to give and make change in our community.

What is your favorite part about living in Central Oregon?

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9 Spring Activities to Kick Off the Season

Spring is in the air. Kind of. I think we all know Central Oregon spring doesn’t have quite the same pizazz as our neighbors west of the mountains, but its energy is still invigorating as we transition from winter to summer.

For you, kicking off this season might mean the standard spring cleaning or moving your runs back outside instead of in the gym. But if you’re looking for some ways to really say “hello spring” and make an event of it here’s a checklist to get you going.


1. See Some Cherry Blossoms

You’ll have to get out of Central Oregon for this one, but not only is it worth it, it is a surefire way to get excited about spring. If you’re popping over to Portland for a weekend this season, you can catch an incredible cherry blossom show at Hoyt Arboretum, Laurelhurst Park or Pittock Mansion.

2. Have a Picnic in the Park

One of our favorite repeat bucket list items, a picnic in a park with delicious snacks, family and friends will give spring the feel it deserves. Drake Park and Miller’s Landing are always classics to get to as the season kicks off, but check out Hollinshead Park, Hillside Park or Sawyer Park if you want to mix it up a bit.


3. Visit a Farm

We can’t have a spring list without being able to see some animals! Find a local farm and go check out some of the babies that are coming out to play. Or if you’re an alpaca fan, visit Crescent Moon Ranch to see the fuzzy critters.

4. Go Horseback Riding

If you’ve lived here for awhile, you likely know someone who has their own horses. And if you ask nicely, they might take you for a ride! This is an amazing way to welcome spring and feel the power and beauty of these animals. You can also check out horseback riding at Brasada Ranch for the full package.


5. Hunt for Four Leaf Clovers

Okay, this one is just fun! And will also require a little bit of a drive, but the colors and beauty that will be coming this season will be more than worth it. You can start your hung along the McKenzie.

6. Make Sidewalk Chalk Art

This isn’t just fun for kids! (Although, if you do have kids, it’s a great way to spend the afternoon.) Let your inner child loose and get some sidewalk chalk, mark off your territory and create a masterpiece. There are few things more satisfying that enjoying the sunshine and getting chalk on your hands creating art.

7. Dance in the Rain

Sounds typical, but there’s a reason it comes up so often. Dancing has all sorts of health and emotional benefits and is a form of therapy. Adding the rain to it will just make it that much more freeing. Our rainy days here in Central Oregon are few and far between, but when it comes along get outside and let yourself be wild.


8. Build a Bird House

As all the little animals start coming back out to play, building a bird house is a great activity to greet spring and enjoy some creativity. Then put them up and watch as your flying friends come by all throughout summer.

9. Plan a Garbage Pickup Day

Let’s not ever forget to commit to our community every season, but spring is an excellent time to get a group together, get outside and pick up some trash. Pick an area of town you’d like to tackle and make an event of it.

How do you like to kick off spring?

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Soak In the Snow Day: 9 Ways to Relax, Be Productive and Support Community

If you haven’t heard, Central Oregon got record breaking snow this week. And that snow has put a bit of a halt on some of our plans. Restaurants are closed, people are working from home and no one is flying anywhere.

At the time of writing this, we’re kicking off the beginning of storm number two this week. We have two feet on the ground and another six to ten inches on the way. And you might be feeling a bit stir crazy if you haven’t left your house in nearly 48 hours. So we have a few ideas to help you feel like you’re using this time as a way to reset, recharge and/or gain momentum.


If your reaction to snow days is to cozy up with a book or turn to Netflix, this is the list for you. Now is a great time where mother nature forces us to slow down. We physically can’t go anywhere fast even if we tried, so might as well take advantage of it and collect all the fuzzy blankets and pillows and settle in.


Snow days are a great time to reflect, and what a perfect time of the year to do so. We’re nearly two months into 2019 and now is a great time to check in with those New Year intentions you set for yourself. A few questions you might ask:

  1. Am I feeling positive about the moves I am making so far this year?
  2. What are three things I can do this week to honor myself and my body?
  3. What am I grateful for right now?


A fairly obvious go to on stormy days like the ones we’ve been experience, now is a great time to get back to that book you’ve forgotten about and catch back up. Or track down a new book to get inspired. Luckily, if you have a Kindle or Tablet, you can get yourself that new book without even making the trek into the snow.

A few books we’re really excited about lately:

  1. Drood by Dan Simmons
  2. The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
  3. Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens


Okay, this one might seem a little bit silly, but let us ask you: When was the last time you let yourself take a midday nap guilt-free? We never nap and we have a hard time feeling good about it when we do. But snow days like this give us the opportunity to take that rest and rejuvenate as we gear up for the snow melt that’s to come.

Our challenge: Let yourself take a midday nap. It doesn’t have to be long.

Be Productive

So maybe rest and relaxation is not your go-to when you’re cooped up inside your house, but instead you’d like to find ways to be productive. Lucky for you, there are still a lot of ways to find productivity even when you can’t (or won’t) go to the office.


What better time is there than a snow day to go through your closet and organize and purge? Maybe throw on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix to find some inspiration first.

A few areas of the house you could tackle easily and quickly during this storm:

  1. The Closet: Go through the clothes you haven’t worn in years, ask yourself some questions about them, and throw them in the Take-To-Goodwill-When-The-Storm-Passes pile.
  2. The Desk(s): Old paperwork stacks up without us even knowing it’s happening. An easy project for a few hours of your snow day is to get into your desk and pull out those papers you’ve been unknowingly throwing in there. It will feel so good to free up the space.
  3. The Junk Drawer: We all have one. It collects the things we don’t know what to do with but aren’t ready to get rid of. Again, this small project can provide a lot of relief…as well as room for new junk in the future.

Get a Sweat In

If you’re missing the gym on these days (and the snow shoveling isn’t enough for you), an at home workout might be just what the snow day doctor ordered. It doesn’t have to be much when you’re feeling trapped inside anyway.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. 32 Minute At Home Cardio Workout
  2. Full Body Workout
  3. Here’s a collection depending on what you’re looking for.

Try a New Recipe

Okay, so this one assumes that either a. you have the ingredients in your house already, or b. you’re willing to go to the grocery store to get them. But a snow day is a great day to experiment with new recipes.

A little inspiration:

  1. Tomato and Tortellini Soup: Patty made this one this week, added a little spinach and got sausage cheese tortellini instead and it is absolutely delicious.
  2. Experiment with Buddha Bowls: A new favorite for meal prep, Buddha bowls are both easy and scrumptious. Also a fun way to get the whole family involved.
  3. Something Delicious: 30 Minute Cinnamon Sugar Knots

Support Community

If you have the luxury of being able to work from home or take advantage of the snow days with your kiddos, now is a great time to remember those who are unable to do that. This snow can be harrowing for those who can’t leave their house or, on the opposite side, are forced to leave their house. Now is a great time to support and give back to the community.

Help a Neighbor 

Snow shoveling is difficult and painful for some. If you have a snowblower or an extra hand, maybe pop over to your neighbors house and give them a little help. Kindness goes a long way, especially when people are cold and having a hard time getting out of their houses.

Give Thanks for Service

Remember that your gas attendant and cashier at Safeway are working their butts off to serve you through this snowpocalypse. They don’t get to call in and ask for the day off and they’re currently keeping this city running. If you feel like going above and beyond, bring them some cookies or just give them an extra thank you before you take off.

Ask What Friends Need

You might have no idea that even your closest friends are in need during this record breaking snow, and this is a great time to ask. If you have the car that can get to the store, ask if anyone needs anything. If you like driving in this weather, that might come in handy for someone who recently moved here and isn’t used to these conditions. We can all help each other through this.

What are you doing to get through these snow days? Are you loving them?

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What is Mindful Eating?

Last night, we hosted the first of our Health and Wellness series taking place this year. Natasha Dempsey (no relation ;)), Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, came to Coldwell Banker Morris and spoke about nutrition, how we fuel our bodies, myths and takeaways.

If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed.

Mindful/Intuitive Eating

Natasha’s philosophy on eating well is “every food in moderation while trusting your body and listening to it.” Instead of approaching food as something you need to be nervous about, Natasha advocates for listening to what your body needs and giving it what it deserves.

That means eating an apple when you feel like eating an apple, and eating a cupcake when one sounds delicious. It doesn’t mean restricting yourself to specific kinds of foods, but being aware of how your body is feeling and what it needs in each moment.

Fad Diets

Another topic addressed was fad diets. You’ve heard of these. Your Paleo Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Whole 30, Weight Watchers and The Zone.

The problem with fad diets is that they give you temporary results, but no long term solutions. They might make you feel good for a month or even a few months, but after a while you’re going to get trapped in the diet cycle and ultimately your body will gain more weight and you won’t feel good. Mindful eating allows you to fuel yourself appropriately without restriction.

We want to avoid this cycle and instead commit to treating our bodies with respect all the time.

So How Do We Do That?

Real Food with a Plant Based Focus

The way Natasha suggests eating is a plant based, mediterranean style diet. This means aiming for five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day, choosing whole grains, limiting processed foods, getting those Omega 3 rich foods, and adequate hydration. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Fueling your body in an appropriate and healthy way.

The Principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Reject the diet mentality.
  • Honor your hunger.
  • Challenge the food police.
  • Make peace with food.
  • Respect your fullness.
  • Discover the satisfaction factor.
  • Honor your feelings without using food.
  • Respect your body.
  • Exercise and feel the difference.
  • Honor your health.

Another way to think of it:

  • Consider your food options.
  • Enjoy food with others.
  • Savor your food.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Breathe.

Instead of:

  • Eating “just because.”
  • Boredom.
  • Clean plate club.
  • Distraction.

What Should We Drink?

What liquids we put in our bodies plays a huge role in addition to our foods. Natasha suggests 64 ounces or more of fluids per day. That means water, coffee, tea, milk, etc. And alcohol in moderation.

In a Nutshell 

Eat more plants. If you’re hungry, eat. Try not to skip meals. Stay hydrated. Don’t follow fad diets. Practice mindful eating.

Consider eating breakfast, measuring success without the scale, decreasing your screen time and adding joyful movement to your routine. Natasha describes joyful movement as a way to move your body that you enjoy and makes you happy.

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Did You Miss This? Health, Wellness and Getting Answers Kickoff Event

Last night we kicked off a health and wellness series we’ll be starting in January (just the right time to start thinking about your health again as we move away from all those holiday treats). We brought together our clients, a few friends and professionals from different industries to gather questions and ideas to put on the best series possible when the new year arrives.

A little overview. Patty and Andrea introduced the evening with a little bit of what and why. Health, Wellness and Getting Answers is a way for us to gain knowledge on what’s good, what’s bad and what’s rumor about our bodies. Our friend, Pat Devol-Nadon, has had this idea in the back of her mind for awhile (more on that later) and we thought it was an amazing opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate. We want to be healthy and we figured we aren’t the only ones.


Pat then stepped up to share her story and why she wanted to start an event series like this one. With a history in the medical field, her passion lies with educating people on how to better manage their health. This series is a way to do that and a way to give back.


Let’s move on to our incredible professionals.

Natasha Dempsey, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist OHSU and Synergy Health and Wellness, introduced her philosophy on food and opened the floor for questions. She also debunked some of the rumors about diets and the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist. On January 16, Natasha will be speaking on the questions that came up around what we put in our bodies. Some of which included bone broth (Is it good? What’s the hype?), gut health and supplements.


Lynn Dalquist, Body Mechanics Expert with Peach Pilates, then discussed her experience with pilates, how it saved her life and the way body movement affects our overall health. On February 20 we’ll be holding our Body Mechanics workshop at the Peach Pilates studio to get a little interactive and learn about the options we have to make our body movement healthier.


And finally, our skin enthusiast, Erin Bishop, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner with Vitality Functional Medicine, shared her knowledge on what makes our skin do what it does, the benefits of sunscreen and preventative (as well as rehabilitative) measures we can take to improve the look, feel and quality of our skin. On March 13, we’ll be taking the questions from our clients and friends so Erin can share all the information possible about how to love our skin.


It was so fun to get everyone together to talk about what our questions are, get the conversations going and just enjoy some amazing food and wine. We’re excited for this series and if you’re interested in participating, please just let us know! Don’t worry if you missed the kickoff event, you can jump in at any time. But for now, just get excited for what’s to come.