5 Podcasts We Love Right Now

Podcasts are an excellent way to pass the time in the car, gym or daily run with your pup. And new ones are popping up all the time, making them accessible for everyone and addressing many different styles and tastes.

We have a few favorites we want to share with you if you’re either a. looking for something new, or b. trying to get into listening to them at all.

1. Being Boss

Being Boss features two incredible women, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, who are changing what it means to grow a creative business. Their expertise and insight when it comes to how to start a business, how to grow it and how to stay sane is real, authentic and addresses some of the real issues we face every day when running and loving our work.

“Being Boss is owning who you are, knowing what you want, and actually making it happen.”

A Few of Our Favorite Episodes: 

“#168: Money, Mindset, and Energy with Danetha Doe”
“#192: Cultivating Optimism”
“#203: Build a Community for Your Business with Jadah Sellner”

2. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Another business-related podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job goes beyond business and behind the scenes to what makes us dream big and then shoot for those dreams with everything in us. The host, Cathy Heller, interviews incredible business owners, shares her information and genuinely believes in her audience as she pushes to provide amazing content and valuable information.

“Each week, host Cathy Heller has honest conversations with successful creative entrepreneurs about the hands-on, practical steps to make a living doing what lights you up, and build a life that you can’t wait to wake up to every single day.”

Some of Our Favorites:

“Make Space for Self Care”
“How to Live Life on Your Terms – Sarah Knight”
“How to Change the World Without Being an Expert – Suze Schwartz of Unplug Meditation”

3. From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl 

Rachel Brathan, also known as Yoga Girl, has started a revolution based on the idea that every body is a yoga body. Her positivity, encouragement and authenticity shine a light on what it means to be a human living in a world that is stressful, chaotic and imbalanced. She shares everything from her personal stories with her daughter to interviews with incredible humans like Deepak Chopra. She is many things, but what she is the most is relatable.

“The light you are seeking is within your own heart.”

Recent Favorites: 

“The Art of Slowing Down”
“What If Every Challenge is a Blessing in Disguise?”
“Deepak Chopra Wants You to Move, Sleep and Practice Gratitude”

4. Behind the Brilliance

Behind the Brilliance is one we’re more recently getting into. Hosted by Lisa Nicole Bell, this podcast brings innovators, big thinkers, creatives and entrepreneurs to the light to share their insight, information and secrets. We love Lisa’s approach to her interviews and it’s a great podcast for staying motivated and learning about amazing individuals who have done incredible things.

“The show delivers a smart and funny take on pursuing ambitions, designing a life, and living joyfully.”


“Q+A: Defining Success + Personal vs Business Brands”
“On Friendship and the Shortness of Life”
“Jonathan Jackson on Love, Lifestyle Design, and Living Intentionally”

5. One Plus One (New)

One Plus One is a new podcast that we just heard about today (through Being Boss as a matter of fact). We don’t know a whole lot about it yet except that the hosts, Rico Gagliano and Faith Salie, will bring stories of the world’s most incredible creative duos. From John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Beyonce and Jay Z. They will ask questions like: Why does creative tension often spark something magical? And what can we learn from these stories to help with our own life and work partnerships?

“Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there’s flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance.”

What are your favorite podcasts?


5 Reasons We LOVE Oregon

February 14, 1859 was the day Oregon became a state, so while we love to celebrate love on this Hallmark holiday, we also love to love Oregon and get outside with the people we care about.

As a way of honoring our beautiful state, we collected a few reasons why we’re so happy we live here.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Geographic Diversity

1. From West to East, there is something for everyone.

The geographic diversity of Oregon is one of the many reasons it’s so unique and full of adventure. You can cruise far to the west and hit the coast or travel all the way east and hit deserts and remote beauty that will take your breath away. You can find anything here in Oregon. Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, hot springs, good food, city lights, new trends, remote locations or mountain views, there is a little piece of Oregon for all personalities.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Unpredictable Weather

2. Unpredictable Weather

At first glance, this may not seem like something to love about Oregon, but fact is, it’s always a little fun and adventurous not knowing what kind of weather could hit when you leave the house in the morning (especially in the fall and spring). You could start your day in jeans and a t-shirt and get caught in a snowstorm by 4pm. Layers and backseat jackets are important here as Oregon is moody and delightfully fickle.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Beer


IPAs, Pales, Blondes, Reds, Ambers, Hazeys, collaborations, experiments, delight. Our beer scene here in Oregon is nothing short of impressive. A brewery around every corner and endless options to meet your tastebuds. As of June 2018, Oregon boasts a whopping 281 breweries with 33 here in Central Oregon. So if the weather is annoying you, pick any one of these delicious options and hunker down.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Portland Food

4. Portland Food

Alright, so we’re over here in Central Oregon and we adore our local restaurants and culinary creatives. But when we make a trip to the big city, it is always so fun to check out and adventure through the unique restaurants that pop up all the time. Portland has a reputation for being “weird” and this is not something we’re embarrassed by. The food has its own special oddness that Oregon is proud of.

5 Things to Love About Oregon - Community

5. Community

And finally, hands down our favorite aspect of Oregon (and specifically Central Oregon)…our community. The people who live in this state are kind, compassionate, supportive, caring and want to do good. Around every corner is someone new who wants to connect you to someone else, build you up and listen to your dreams. We value the way our community comes together and the way we come up with any excuse to create a festival to honor makers, artists and musicians.

Oregon is the best state and there is no doubt about that.

What is your favorite part about living here?

Interior Design

5 2019 Home Design Trends to Inspire

Here we are, fully in 2019 and ready for the year to get started. The beginning of the year is a fun time to envision what kinds of changes and adjustments you’d like to make to your space. So, we’re here to share some of this year’s design trends to get you inspired.

1. Sustainability


It’s becoming increasingly more important to consider the environmental and social impact our buying decisions make. Before making any big purchases (or even small purchases, for that matter), do some research about the company you’re buying from. Do you align with their values?

2. Biophilia


Biophilia is bringing the relationship between nature and humankind together. “Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in,” says Angie Lee of FXCollaborative.

3. Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers


The time has come for florals to come back to the scene. Big beautiful flowers taking over the fabrics and walls of your house will bring lightness and beauty to the atmosphere.

Photo from Elle Design

4. Feminine Tones


2019 color themes include blush, dusty pink and bronze. “Warm colors and feminine tones for on the walls and dashes of soft pinks to break up expanses of taupe or neutrals will instantly update a tired room.” – Katharine Pooley of Katharine Pooley London

5. Handmade Pieces


Getting funky with handmade art and accents in your home will bring a unique spin to your decorating. Check out The Workhouse here in Bend to start digging around for your new favorite addition.

Article inspired by Elle Decor

Central Oregon Activities

What is Mindful Eating?

Last night, we hosted the first of our Health and Wellness series taking place this year. Natasha Dempsey (no relation ;)), Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, came to Coldwell Banker Morris and spoke about nutrition, how we fuel our bodies, myths and takeaways.

If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed.

Mindful/Intuitive Eating

Natasha’s philosophy on eating well is “every food in moderation while trusting your body and listening to it.” Instead of approaching food as something you need to be nervous about, Natasha advocates for listening to what your body needs and giving it what it deserves.

That means eating an apple when you feel like eating an apple, and eating a cupcake when one sounds delicious. It doesn’t mean restricting yourself to specific kinds of foods, but being aware of how your body is feeling and what it needs in each moment.

Fad Diets

Another topic addressed was fad diets. You’ve heard of these. Your Paleo Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Whole 30, Weight Watchers and The Zone.

The problem with fad diets is that they give you temporary results, but no long term solutions. They might make you feel good for a month or even a few months, but after a while you’re going to get trapped in the diet cycle and ultimately your body will gain more weight and you won’t feel good. Mindful eating allows you to fuel yourself appropriately without restriction.

We want to avoid this cycle and instead commit to treating our bodies with respect all the time.

So How Do We Do That?

Real Food with a Plant Based Focus

The way Natasha suggests eating is a plant based, mediterranean style diet. This means aiming for five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day, choosing whole grains, limiting processed foods, getting those Omega 3 rich foods, and adequate hydration. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Fueling your body in an appropriate and healthy way.

The Principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Reject the diet mentality.
  • Honor your hunger.
  • Challenge the food police.
  • Make peace with food.
  • Respect your fullness.
  • Discover the satisfaction factor.
  • Honor your feelings without using food.
  • Respect your body.
  • Exercise and feel the difference.
  • Honor your health.

Another way to think of it:

  • Consider your food options.
  • Enjoy food with others.
  • Savor your food.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Breathe.

Instead of:

  • Eating “just because.”
  • Boredom.
  • Clean plate club.
  • Distraction.

What Should We Drink?

What liquids we put in our bodies plays a huge role in addition to our foods. Natasha suggests 64 ounces or more of fluids per day. That means water, coffee, tea, milk, etc. And alcohol in moderation.

In a Nutshell 

Eat more plants. If you’re hungry, eat. Try not to skip meals. Stay hydrated. Don’t follow fad diets. Practice mindful eating.

Consider eating breakfast, measuring success without the scale, decreasing your screen time and adding joyful movement to your routine. Natasha describes joyful movement as a way to move your body that you enjoy and makes you happy.


How to Get Back Into the Work Groove After the Holidays

Alright, we’re officially in the first full week of the new year and things are still feeling a little wonky and we might still be a little overwhelmed.

No fear. Things will start to go back to normal and daily life will start to settle in once again. It’s no secret that work tends to take a backseat when we’re navigating friends and family during the holiday season. So here are a few ways to get back into the groove after a little hiatus.

1. Ease Back in Slowly

We know it’s easy to think you need to go full force into the work week and tackle all of your projects all at once to try and make up for the time lost to the holidays. But here’s the reality…nearly everyone is feeling the exact same way you are. Which is a great reminder when you’re wanting to follow up on an email or a call immediately. Remember, that person is also juggling their to do list and trying to get back into the swing of things.

By giving yourself some time to ease back in to everything you need to get done, you can approach your tasks steadily and with more patience and ease. Don’t sacrifice your breath here. We’re all trying to get back on track and you are certainly not the only one who is feeling behind, which means…you’re not behind.

2. Write Your To Dos

Piggybacking off our previous post, writing a to do list can be an incredible way to get all those swarming thoughts in your brain onto paper and into a place where you can actually organize them. If you’re familiar with “flow of consciousness” writing, you can take this approach when tackling your to do list as well.

Just let those thoughts flow. As you’re warming up to your week, every time a new work thought pops in or that panic feeling of “oh my goodness, I totally forgot X” hits your chest like a freight train, write it down. Then you can take a look at your to dos and organize them properly by priority when you have a moment instead of trying to rush accomplish them all at once.

3. Set Your Priorities

Your brain can be in hyperdrive when you get back from the holidays and everything can seem like the fire you need to put out immediately. Once you have your to do list, you can go through and honestly look at what the highest priority is down to the lowest.

Take a moment to give yourself the opportunity to think about what you really need to get done right now and what can probably be put off until next week when you’re a little bit more in order (and everyone else is too).

4. Take Breaks

This one might be the hardest for some of us, but it’s actually one of the most important. Believe it or not, when you’re coming back into the swing of things after possibly working lighter hours, your body is no longer used to working at the pace it was in October. So give it what it needs by taking a few breaks throughout the day. These don’t have to be 30 minutes or an hour, but just 5 minutes to take some breaths and give yourself a moment.

Take a chilly walk around the block or go say hi to a coworker and find out how their day is going in the post-holiday madness. We guarantee they will be grateful to get the break as well.

5. Keep Your Social Activities Light

The holidays keep us on our toes with holiday parties, family and overall busy bustling streets. Give yourself some you time by allowing yourself to focus on your priorities and freeing up your time to do so. Those extra commitments outside of the office can make you feel like you have even more to do when you’re working.

Allow yourself to say no to a friend’s gathering or to skip that dinner party. Let yourself get back into your work groove without distraction so you can show up fully in February.

How do you get back into your work groove?