Sales Prices On the RISE!

Check out this latest news! According to the Bratton report this month, median sales prices have increased approximately 4% annually since 1997 until now. Despite the ups and downs in the market over the past few years, the average median sales price has continued to rise. We are now looking at a healthy and growing market!

Median Sales Prices

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Bend is Dogtown, USA…but I think we already knew that.

The buzz is true. Our home, Bend, Oregon, has been named Dogtown, USA by Dog Fancy magazine. The decision to award this title to Bend didn’t go without thorough thought.

The city of Bend has a population of 80,000 and a grand total of 27,000 dogs. Almost half the amount of citizens! That’s just dog-tastic! Because of the love of dogs here, it’s only natural that Bend would have a plethora of pet-friendly activities. From the annual 4th of July Pet Parade to 10 different dog friendly breweries, including the newest brewery edition, Crux Fermentation Project. Crux is opening a dog park behind the brewery, so if you feel like getting a cold one, but don’t want to leave your pal behind, there’s a place for him to roam and for you to drink. In addition to the various establishments that allow dogs, you’re more than likely to find walkers, bikers and skaters accompanied by their four legged friends on the daily.

So if you’re a dog person and looking for a place that will not only acknowledge that, but EMBRACE IT, Bend is the place to be.

Find out more pooch friendly activities here.

To recognize this great news (that I’m pretty sure we knew without the title), here are a few pictures of some of the dogs in our lives:

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Windermere Foundation


The Windermere Real Estate Sign

The Windermere Real Estate Sign (Photo credit: Windermere Southern California)

Windermere’s commitment to serving our communities goes beyond providing the best in real estate services. Since 1989, through our Windermere Foundation, we’ve also reached out to help address the challenges faced by homeless and low-income families.

Windermere agents, owners and staff organize Foundation fundraisers and give through payroll deduction. Contributions are also made by salaried employees and managers, as well as by the public.

We are excited to share with you that the Windermere Foundation has received $521,000 in donations this year; this represents a 16 percent increase from this time last year!  Thanks to our generous agents, brokers, staff, and owners, along with public donations, many low-income families have received the support they need to stay in their homes and meet their childrens’s most basic needs.

This year, on June 15th, Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate participated in our annual Community Service Day. The Bend and Redmond offices were closed to volunteer time. Bend employees painted the Bend Community Center and Redmond employees held a garage sale to benefit the Family Access Network.

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Benefits of Bend

We thought this was a fun informative article about Bend which reminds us why we like to live here or wish we did!

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Smack in the middle of Oregon’s lush topography is the city of Bend. Nestled on the Deschutes River in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, this former logging town has blossomed into a popular, year-round destination for adventure seekers of all sorts. While its annual temperatures range from 18 to 88 degrees, the high desert climate makes for warm summers with little humidity. But it’s not just tourism that sustains this city of nearly 79,000; health and business services have become key job providers as well.

U.S. News Editorial Pick: Best Places to Retire for Single Retirees

The large number of singles over 65 years old and the abundance of outdoor activities in Bend led U.S. News to select the city as one of the country’s top 10 places for single retirees to live.

Bend Health Care

There are five hospitals in the county. Bend’s leading medical facility, St. Charles Medical Center, has 250 physicians practicing in 40 different specialties and represents the regional referral center for specialty care. The 261-bed facility serves more than 240,000 people in central and eastern Oregon.


After serving for years as hunting and fishing grounds for American Indians, Farewell Bend was incorporated in 1905 by some 300 settlers, in a nod to the parting words early pioneers uttered before continuing their journey west. (The name was later shortened to simply “Bend” by the U.S. Postal Service.) A railroad that reached Bend in 1911 helped foster tourism and commerce. And the arrival of two big lumber companies in 1914 brought prosperity and established logging as the linchpin of the local economy.

Today, long after the mills have closed, Bend’s diverse wilderness continues to draw outsiders to the city. With 370 inches of annual snowfall, the Olympic-quality slopes of Mount Bachelor are popular with skiers and snowboarders. Smith Rock State Park is a great spot for hiking and camping even if you’re not up to ascending one of its 1,600 climbing routes. And golfers will feel right at home, too; with 24 courses within a 15-mile radius, Bend is considered by some to be the Palm Springs of the Pacific Northwest.

Bend is also a proud patron of the arts. Its slate of 15 art houses includes the Deschutes Gallery, which displays original works of Northwest Coast Indian and Inuit tribes. The city has two theater groups that perform throughout the year, and Drake Park hosts outdoor concerts during warmer months. Bend also has an annual film festival and is home to several microbreweries.



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